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It’s time to embark on a
revolution to improve neurological care in this country.

The NeuroLifeNow app is designed so you can tell us about your experiences in and out of hospital. Tell us about your waiting times, your symptoms and your treatment and we’ll help to amplify your experiences.

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Too often people with neurological conditions do not get the treatment, care and support they should. We want to help to change that.

More care and support is needed for people living with a neurological condition and your experiences will be vital when it comes to persuading:

  • Healthcare professionals
  • People who fund services
  • Politicians and decision makers

Changing the future of neurological care begins now, with you.

Download the NeuroLifeNow app to donate your voice.

If you don’t have a smart phone or tablet, or you’d prefer to use your computer, you can use the web version of our app.