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Welcome to Neuro Life Now

1 in 6 people in the UK are directly affected by neurological conditions. The current system is under-funded, inadequately resourced, and fails individuals and families too often. Change is needed urgently!

By sharing the challenges that you face every day in accessing treatment, care and support, you can help us to drive this positive change!

NeuroLifeNow is currently taking a break for a few months and will stop distributing questionnaires. We will however keep on publishing reports & findings from our previous surveys.

In our latest survey, that ran until the end of April 2024, we have asked about your experiences of NHS waiting times.

Your lived experiences, and those of everyone who has participated, are anonymously shared with NHS commissioners, UK and local Governments, service delivery organisations and clinicians to influence how neurological services and support are delivered.

Thank you to everyone that has taken part in our surveys, and please do tell others about what we are striving to achieve.

Together we, the Neuro community, are a stronger and more powerful voice for change!